Terms and conditions for participation in the "Experience Adobe with Logitech" promotion in the period from 30.09.2020 to 15.12.2023

From the 30.09.2020 to the 15.12.2023 inclusive, Logitech and Adobe are promoting a special gift offer. Participants benefit either from the free-of-charge use of the Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription (includes: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and 20 GB Cloud storage) for 2 months or from Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (includes e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Acrobat DC) for 1 month, provided that the respective participants fully meet the following terms and conditions.


Participating products:


Participating countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romainia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine


1. Conditions of Participation

1.1 Every end customer who purchases a participating product in one of the participating countries within the promotion period can take part in the "Experience Adobe with Logitech" promotion. Employees and vicarious agents of Logitech and Adobe, wholesalers, specialist dealers and their employees as well as all people who were or are involved in the execution and / or planning of this promotion are excluded from the offer.
This promotion is meant exclusively for newly-bought products, and not for second-hand products. Proof of this will be the participant's responsibility.
1.2. This "Experience Adobe with Logitech" promotion cannot be combined with other, simultaneously running offers from Logitech or Adobe.
1.3 Only one product, either the Creative Cloud Photo Subscription or Creative Cloud All Apps will be provided per participating product and per email address.
1.4. The software is not transferable and the value cannot be paid in cash or be credited to an account.


2. Process for participation in the "Experience Adobe with Logitech" promotion

The following process shall apply to all participants who fully meet the above-mentioned terms and conditions:
2.1 In order to participate in the "Experience with Logitech Adobe" promotion, the participant must first have successfully registered online at creative.logitech.com later than midnight, 31.12.2023. Please refer to the website for further terms and conditions of the application process.
2.2 A copy of the reseller's invoice must be uploaded during the online registration process, and the participant must clearly highlight the promotional product being entered into the "Experience with Logitech Adobe" promotion.


3. Shipment of the redemption link.

3.1 The code will only be sent if all information required to process the application has been truthfully and completely provided by the participant and all necessary documents are available.
3.2 The participant will receive a confirmation by e-mail as soon as all data has been completely received. After successful verification of all data, the participant will receive a unique link and by e-mail, with which he can obtain one of the two time-limited Adobe subscriptions. There is no entitlement to the gift if the submitted documents are incomplete, illegible or in any other way defective or incorrect. Only purchases made between 30.09.2020 and 15.12.2023 inclusive will be accepted, the date of the invoice being relevant for eligibility.
3.3 No redemption link can be sent if the participant
(a) has not purchased an eligible promotional product within the promotional period; and/or
(b) did not complete an online registration; and/or
(c) has not provided all the documents required for registration; and/or
d) has not submitted the application online by 31.12.2023, and/or
e) cancelled the purchase contract for the promotional product; and/or
f) has not sent a proof of purchase and/or
g) has submitted a proof of purchase which does not show a legible purchase date or no purchase date at all; and/or
h) has submitted a proof of purchase which does not show the purchase price or does not show a legible purchase price, and/or
(i) indicates an incorrect or invalid invoice number; and/or
(j) has already participated in the promotion using that e-mail address.
3.4 If a participant's application is incorrect or incomplete, the participant has the opportunity to submit the required data within seven (7) days of being notified. If the participant still does not fulfil the terms and conditions, the redemption link will not be sent, and his request will be cancelled. The participant is responsible for proving that he/she has not been notified of this.


4. Tariff conditions for Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription /Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps extension

To ensure that your Adobe subscription does not expire at the end of the free period under this promotion, the participant may provide a valid payment method when registering their Adobe ID. If a payment method is specified, the contract is automatically renewed for another year after the benefit expires. You will receive advance notice from Adobe before your account is debited.
Upon renewing your contact for a year, the price at the time of purchasing will be used. The price at the time of purchasing can be viewed at www.adobe.com and is valid for a year after the subscription is renewed.
With an Adobe yearly subscription, your subscription will be renewed automatically each year, unless you cancel the subscription. If you cancel within 14 days after the renewal, you will not be charged, and you will be reimbursed fully.
For more information, please visit https://helpx.adobe.com/manage-account/using/cancel-subscription.html


5. General Conditions

5.1 The redemption link will only be sent if the participant fulfills these terms and conditions. By submitting an application, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions. Logitech reserves the right to cancel or modify the "Experience with Logitech Adobe" promotion at any time.
5.2 Taking legal action is excluded.
5.3 By accepting these conditions, the participant confirms that he is the owner of the product and that there are no third-party claims (for example, retention of title) with respect to the ownership.
5.4. Logitech shall accept no liability whatsoever for lost, delayed, damaged or misrouted applications except in cases of gross negligence or willful acts. Logitech shall accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for technical faults respectively hardware, software, server, website or other faults and /or damages of any kind that prevent the participant taking part in the "Experience Adobe with Logitech" promotion.
5.5. All instructions concerning this offer at creative.logitech.com or at https://www.adobepartneroffer.com shall be an integral part of these terms and conditions, in the event that there is nothing to the contrary in these participation conditions.
5.6. Should individual provisions of these participation conditions be ineffective or should there be a legal loophole present, these shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Logitech reserves the right to amend these participation conditions at any time without notice to the participants.
5.7. The terms and conditions are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the responsible courts in the country in which you bought the product.
5.8. Copies of these special offer conditions can be viewed on the promotion website and can be obtained by e-mail free of charge from the address given at the end of these special offer conditions. Where necessary, this special offer has been registered with the relevant authorities.


6. Contact Details

The promoter of the special offer is Logitech GmbH, Prannerstrasse 8, D-80333 Munich, Germany.
The executing agency is TechProtect GmbH.

E-Mail: contact@creative.logitech.com
Website: creative.logitech.com
Postal address for the documents:
"Experience Adobe with Logitech" Promotion c/o TechProtect GmbH, Postfach 1242, D-71085 Holzgerlingen.
The address is provided exclusively for the submission of promotion inquiries, and other written communications will not be accepted.